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Lichtenstein Prints offer famous American pop art at it's best. Roy Lichtenstein had a style in his prints which was innovative and highly contemporary. This article covers Litchenstein prints in full covering his career in detail as well. Those looking for a Roy Lichtenstein biography should look through this homepage of the site, whilst the sitemap contains a full list of Lichtenstein prints and other pages included in this site.

The contemporary style of Lichtenstein prints means that they are ideal choices for minimalist homes with frames giclee prints the best choice for offering a professional, clean finish to his cartoon inspired works. The links included in all take you through to our recommended art retailer at who offer his original paintings as framed or unframed prints, giclee prints, posters, tapestries and also highly popular and well made Roy Lichenstein stretched canvas reproductions. Check out Lichtenstein paintings here.

Lichtenstein produced his work from many modern influences such as cartoon art and advertisements which at the time were becoming more and more professional and imaginative, be it in print or on television. This was termed Pop Art, of which he was to become a major player alongside it's spearhead Andy Warhol. Lichtenstein differed to Warhol in consistently sticking to his cartoon style with interesting characters and wholesome topics. See below for Girl With Hair Ribbon which is one of his best known works, and available to buy from the links alongside the Lichtenstein artwork.

Girl Lichtenstein Print

Girl Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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Industrial painting is the unusual tag that Lichtenstein used to mark his work, attempting to avoid mainstream categorisation that did not attract him. Despite this, his style was hugely influences by mainstream activities such as commercial advertising and media which drove much of the inspirations involved in Pop Art.

Lichtenstein achieved some success in the sculpture world as well as his cartoon prints, but he will always be best remembered for the latter thanks to their recognisable and popular characteristics.

A full list of the most famous Lichtenstein art prints wuld certainly include Girl With Hair Ribbon, Drowning Girl, Whaam!, Blam, M-Maybe, Kiss V, Seductive Girl, Ohhh... Alright..., Thinking of Him, Still Life with Crystal Bowl Peace Through Chemistry, Girl with Ball, In the Car, Spray, Landscape with Figures, Cloud and Sea, Reflection in Miror, Big Painting No. 6 and Stepping Out. The qualities of this artist's contemporary style ensures that his prints are ideal as reproductions in several different mediums, particularly posters, framed giclee art prints and stretched canvases which all portray his original style and bold clear colours.

Drowning Girl Lichtenstein Print

Drowning Girl Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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Lichtenstein left Rutgers University in 1964 in order to concentrate entirely on his painting which was starting to attract attention all over the world, thanks to his truly unique approach. Oil and Magna paint was used by Lichtenstein to create Drowning Girl in 1963, which remains one of his best known works from a career which stretched over many decades of success and achievement.

Drowning Girl itself perfectly captures the techniques of Lichtenstein with thick outlines, bold colors and Ben-Day dots to represent primary colours without particular blending. The clarity of this style made his paintings appear as if produced as photographic reproductions thus underlining his skills and imagination.

Whaam Part 1 Lichtenstein Print

Whaam Part 1 Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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The point of Lichtenstein's message was always to portray people in his paintings not as direct portraits, but in the form that they are covered in the press. There is clear comparisons to the career of Andy Warhol who also tackled the impact of the media and celebrity on the American life. Lichtenstein's paintings were slightly different in there excessive connection to cartoon methods that the artist felt comfortable with and that offered charm to his strongest fans.

The artist achieved many awards during his career which many others have failed to do. Find below a brief summary of major awards that he achieved during his lifetime:

Roy Lichtenstein was just one of many famous Pop artists, with a list of other notable ones included below:

Below is a chronology of major paintings by Lichtenstein ordered by year. There is a fuller list further down the page.

In early 1960s Lichtenstein was actually a more respected artist than Warhol and could achieve significant interest leading to large exhibitions of his work as his style held firm before become more varied later on in his career as his influences, confidence and boldness all grew in equal measures. The Leo Castelli Gallery was an important mark which helped the artist to draw fans quickly which showed many the significance of his work. Warhol was later to become more recognised, but each remain as spearheads to the Pop Art movement, joined later by talents such as David Hockney who made his mark in Yorkshire, England and Los Angeles, USA.

For fans of other contemporary artists you can find prints from the following websites.

David Hockney is the best British contributor to the Pop Art movement and continues to help develop modern British art up to the present day. You can find Hockney prints here.

Piet Mondrian is a highly acclaimed contemporary Dutch artist - you can find Mondrian prints for sale here.

Whaam Part 2 Lichtenstein Print

Whaam Part 2 Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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The career of Roy Lichtenstein was considerable and prolonged with many great works produced in his typical cartoon style. Find below a full list of famous Lichtenstein prints.

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. is currently the largest holder of original Lichtenstein works after a donation by the artist just before his death in the 1990s. Their collection totals around 156 from a circulation of 4,500 at the last count. The style of his works remains consistently modern and as such the valuation continues to rise year by year of his original classic works.

Blam Lichtenstein Print

Blam Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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Jack Kirby and DC Comics artists Russ Heath, Tony Abruzzo, Irv Novick, and Jerry Grandenetti are some of the best cartoonists whose skilled works helped to inspire Lichtenstein during a strong period in his career. The artist's reproductions of their originals would always be fairly accurate but with a twist of his own, as any artist was always liable to do. Lichenstein stuck closely to this set method for several years before becoming more flexible later in the 1970s and 1980s when he sought other ideas, influences and achievements.

Roy Lichtenstein has achieved success throughout the world with a contemporary art style that can transverse languages and culture as cartoons have done. His style is immediate and memorable and little introduction is required when his ideas and results are so immediately easy to grasp. In a general sense, those who appreciate 20th century contemporary art are highly likely to be positive followers of the career of this famous American artist.

Kiss Lichtenstein Print

Kiss Art Print by Roy Lichtenstein

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The attractive, glamorous nature of the women chosen by Lichtenstein in several of his prints matched Warhol's use of Marilyn Monroe. The use of such subjects reflected the media's own portrayal of celebrities. For those who only have a fleeting interest in art but have a good understanding of what they like, the use by Lichtenstein of attractive, glamorous women in contemporary art is a popular choice where a painting with great depth or history is not appropriate. Those who do look into the career and life of Lichtenstein often see through the initial simplicity of his works to understand the desires and imagination behind these consistent choices.

The success of Roy Lichtenstein is shown in the establishments that now proudly display his works to the public, such as the Museum of Modern Art, Tate Modern in London and various other American galleries of great standing. The public continues to love Pop Art with great affection, finding an immediate attraction to it that continues today. Roy Lichtenstein is perhaps the second best known artist in this genre behind Andy Warhol.